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Our Ambassador of Enlightenment – Tiny Tips of Canine Enlightenment

Ambassador of Enlightenment! Why might the perspective of my pup, Buddy, hold value to those of us in business?  As the former 'Director of First Impressions' has proven, no one was a fonder [...]

Starting with the End in Mind!

Tips for Planning the Successful Sale of Your Business. To many entrepreneur-minded folks, starting a business holds an immeasurable allure!  The typical tract starts like any new romance, with spark and dazzle.  We soon encounter [...]

Questions to Ask As You Consider Your Next Entrepreneurial Endeavor

What 14 Years Running Carl House Has Taught Me (and other entrepreneurial musings) Having just this month handled over my business to the able hands of new owners, I find myself reflecting on new entrepreneurial endeavors [...]

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Necessary Losses

BB explores the importance of the losses in our lives, of people, times gone by, projects that never came to fruition, as the necessary losses helping us to grow into the people we are. Music: [...]

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Finding Home

BB shares thoughts on the importance of creating a sanctuary for yourself, a ‘home’, whether you are traveling, at home, or inside yourself. Music: Chopin's Minute Waltz played by Sean VanMeter (find him on YouTube)

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Pay it Forward

BB shares a story written in her book, “Build Your Business’, where the act of 'paying it forward', in however small a manner, can change your world and someone else’s, in a very positive manner.

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Un-Plug Therapy…a Process!

I’m on a tear this morning…in for a routine checkup, my doctor’s results, ‘you’re off the charts with beyond sagging adrenals signaling a body functioning on fumes and adrenalin.’ ‘You’re kidding,’ I hear myself shout [...]

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The difficulty in being green…but I look good in green!

I feel a bit green today, no, not something I ate, more as in Kermit the frog 'it's not EASY being green'). The Universe is doing its job of tossing me 'washing machine-like,' back and [...]