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“As a coaching client, Ms. Webb has provided the necessary tools to challenge my thoughts about the direction of my business. The wisdom Ms. Webb has to offer is not taught in school.  In three months, I have a clarity of what I have to offer as a speaker, my work is intentional and I now have someone in my corner who I trust to provide constructive support.”

Patrice Little • Author, Speaker, Nurse Practitioner


Business coaching is a process that can assist business owners and leaders to gain perspective within their business to aid in achieving greater focus and direction. Effective coaching leads to greater synergy and productivity within their teams, systems improvement, culture development, increased cash flow and overall greater value within the business.

Business Coaching | Arriving with BB Webb
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Being at the ‘top’ of an organization can be lonely as employees don’t share the same stressors and heartaches of cash flow, hiring and firing challenges, client relations and overall responsibility for employee and client well-being.  Having a trusted ally with whom to share the stressors of the day-to-day running of a business, who has ‘been in the trenches’ of running a business is key.  Choosing a qualified coach who has had both hands-on experience and business coaching certification can assist in guiding a leader and his or her team forward with focused intent and clarity!

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“As a business owner I’ve had both beneficial and less beneficial coaching.  The good coaching provided me with the guidance to ask questions of myself, develop a distinctive culture within my company and systematic processes so my company could begin to work well without me in the day-to-day operations.

This process eventually allowed me to sell my business with a greatly heightened value due to the systematic growth I achieved with the perspectives and guidance offered through good coaching.  It is my greatest hope to be able to offer the same beneficial perspectives and guidance to the clients I coach.”  

BB Webb

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