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What Our Clients and Colleagues Have to Say!

“BB, your stage presence is breathtaking.  You create an environment where it is easy to learn.  Your attitude is so positive and I love that you are open to new ideas.  You turn everything you touch into gold, thank you…you are the small business ‘boss’ others aspire to be!”  Shannon Underwood, Vice President Wedding MBA, Speaker and Topic Coordinator

“BB Webb is a brilliant business leader. Everything she touches is a success.” Nick Masino, VP of Economic Development, Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce

“We’re now into our 8th year of business and still so thankful for your time! I’m not so sure we would have had such a successful opening without your advice and expertise!”  Jennifer Jones, The Sutherland, Estates & Gardens

“Thanks again so much for joining us at our meeting in San Francisco.  You were absolutely everything anyone could want- informative, entertaining, and energizing. Our members were very pleased not only with the range of your knowledge but also with your enthusiasm.  You have a distinctive way, too, of making your presentation so personal that each of us feels we have a very special new friend.  With sincere appreciation.”  Sally Lorensen Conant, Ph.D., Executive Director, Association of Wedding Gown Specialists

“Your respect and all the mentoring you have given me over the years has been priceless.  You have truly changed me as a person and a professional.  Your words, your encouragement…at every opportunity you have helped shape and mold me, my business, my staff.  You have challenged me to improve myself and have never hesitated to promote me to others…your spirit is infectious.”   Tara Tomlinson, Owner, Sugar Kneads

“As a coaching client, Ms. Webb has provided the necessary tools to challenge my thoughts about the direction of my business. The wisdom Ms. Webb has to offer is not taught in school.  In three months, I have a clarity of what I have to offer as a speaker, my work is intentional and I now have someone in my corner who I trust to prove constructive support.’  Patrice Little, Author, Speaker, Nurse Practitioner

“BB Webb – what can I say? Dynamic…Informative…..Exciting!  If you have not heard her speak, you are really missing out.  Do whatever you have to do to attend one of her talks!” Fred Rich, CEO, Olympus Worldwide Chauffeured Services Transportation

“BB Webb, is one of the most gracious, talented, creative, professional ladies I know! Carl House is exquisite in every way, BB is a perfectionist so every detail is taken care of, every event I have attended has exceeded expectations, the food, the service and of course the decor brings you to a place of complete satisfaction. Carl House is elegant and so is Ms. Webb, they go hand in hand!”  Linda Blechinger, Mayor
Auburn, GA

“Your presentations were awesome and very inspiring!  They made me realize you should never give up on your dreams no matter what obstacles one may encounter! ”  Deborah Lockhart, DeJave Extraordinaire

“One of the great speakers I heard last week was the fabulously fun BB Webb. BB is a natural born speaker. She speaks inspirationally to small business owners…..she said “Find Your Twirl” – and when you think about it – it’s what makes you happy, your passion, your excitement, your verve!” Cherie Ronning, President Wedding Network USA, LLC

“My students hung onto her every word for an entire 60 minutes. She is high energy. I wish I had all of her knowledge to take into my classroom! She is brilliant!” Brandi Chitty, Hospitality and Entrepreneurship Teacher, Simms Academy

“The first time I saw BB speak, I was so inspired that I asked her to speak at the Judson Women’s Leadership Workshop for young professionals.  She did a fantastic job at the workshop and provided motivation for the audience to go out and take the next step in their careers.”  Jackie Cannizzo, Executive Director of the JCI Foundation

“Ms. Webb is a delightfully gregarious personality and such an un-ignorable presence. I’m definitely interested in learning more from her about being an engaging and memorable public speaker, and of course being a successful businesswoman as well!”  Hannah Benson, International Affairs and Statistics Major, UGA, Executive Board Member of AIESEC  

“BB Webb…A Woman You Must Meet…her dynamic personality and spirit for life is both engaging and addicting. If you have not heard her speak, that is a shame. Put it on your “To Do” list, “Bucket” list, whatever…just do it!!”   Kim Butler, Account Executive
Cooper-Atlanta Transportation

“I loved getting to hear you speak last week at the Wedding Market Expo in Atlanta. You were absolutely captivating!! I loved your stories and, more importantly, the messages behind them. The story about Ernie had me rolling and was so relatable! Thank you for the encouragement to “find my twirl!”  Shannon Smith, Wedding Professional

“What can you say about a wedding venue that charges modest rates yet delivers an extravaganza? All you have to say is BB and Carl House. My daughter selected the Carl House and my wife selected the wedding plan. After the wedding, you could not have convinced me that we didn’t spend a $100,000 … superior photographer, videographer, location, cake, food and wedding planner!!!! A five star event magical event … words could never adequately capture the memories created by BB and her staff!”  John Hunt, Father of the Bride

“BB Webb is an amazing person who I have been honored to work with in Kansas City, Austin and soon in Atlanta.  She is a speaker, writer, author, business owner, media personality and overall, a knowledgable fun person.  She talks about business strategy and life lessons that we all should be living.”  Patrick Kelly, President, ‘I Do Appointments’ 

“BB is one of the most genuine, unique, talented people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She is driven, creative, articulate and smart. Her warmth and passion are evident in everything she does. Give BB a project and watch her bring it to levels you never anticipated. For the perfect boost to your business – hire BB.”

Karen McGaha, Catering Sales Manager
Hotel Palomar

“BB, thank you so much for speaking today at Women in Business…  Hearing you speak so freely about what were difficult points in your life is uplifting and challenging all at the same time.  Not too many people are willing to let it all hang out there!  I admire you!” Annette K. Bates, Executive Director, Piedmont CASA

“I am SO grateful to have met you!  There have been days in the past few months where I wondered whether we could make a go of this business…but after meeting you I feel as if I have everything I need to succeed and what I lack I will be certain to be knocking on your door for advice.”   Linda Denson, Owner, The Lasker Inn

“Bev and Linda,  Thanks for a great experience.  I enjoyed the speakers, the format and the attendees…  I really wanted to give an unsolicited shout out to BB Webb. All of your speakers were great but BB had a real way of delivering and connecting with her audience.  I felt connected to her message because it was sincere and heartfelt.”  Susan Howard, Wedding Professional

“I cannot speak highly enough about BB Webb, her team, and her remarkable talent. When I first met BB, she was already a solid leader with a phenomenal business. Over the past five years, she had continued to impress me, both as a business leader and as a speaker, writer, and motivator in the area of business success.” Lee Huffman, Master Franchisor for AR, KY, TN and WV Action Coach

“BB Webb is a very inspiring speaker and engaging TV and radio host. As an entrepreneur she has grown her business and been extremely successful even in the most challenging times. Everything she embarks upon, she tackles with great enthusiasm, creativity and a positive attitude.” Dana Popoff, President and Executive Producer ideaWercs, Inc.

“BB is a vivacious, inspiring spirit who knows how to bring out the best in you. I’ve been a guest on her TV program twice and also interviewed for her radio pilot. Each time, I felt like I was visiting with a dear friend–instead of being interviewed. That’s a unique gift!”  Tricia Molloy, Speaker, Wisdom Mentor and author of “Divine Wisdom at Work”
Working With Wisdom

“BB has worked to create a dynamic system of presentation for business, developing ideas into results for success. As CEO of the local Chamber of Commerce, I rely on BB to deliver results that make me look good. And it works. BB’s “out-of-the-box” thinking brings fresh, new ideas each time I contract with her.”  Tommy Jennings, President
Barrow County Chamber of Commerce

“When you think of BB you have to think of high energy and success! This woman always has a smile on her face and a take on the world attitude that has success written all over it  It’s always a pleasure to work with and be around BB because she is not only focused on what works for her but what works for others as well.”  Chuck Carey, President & CEO Compendian, Inc.

“Not only were her talks very inspiring, she is just very personable and giving. She listened to my plan and willingly helped me with my logo/upcoming ad. Lots of tips and genuine interest just flow from her heart. I will be contacting her later for further insights and advice. Thanks so much BB!!” Tricia Kurtz, Owner Thistlewood Manor

“She’s smart. She’s savvy. She’s resilient. BB candidly shares her experience in business as she navigates through an ever-evolving business climate – the good, the bad, and the ugly. As a fellow entrepreneur, I find great value in her determination, spirit, and motivation to move forward “as if.” She continues to educate and inspire entrepreneurs and future leaders alike.”  Julie Gareleck, Founder, Managing Partner
Junction Creative Solutions

“BB is nothing short of inspirational. I am so impressed by her keen intuition and sense for each person’s needs in their life. If you are lucky enough to even be in her presence you are a very lucky person! She is knowledgeable, personable, and one of the best communicators I’ve ever known. She has devoted her life to helping people get what they want in life and knows how to help each person in their path.”   Devon Crowel, Vice President Certified Coaches Federation

“BB Webb is a very sharp and articulate entrepreneur. She is smart, talented, and knows the business of hospitality!”   Rich Tatgenhorst, President/Owner
Axtell Productions

“It is my great pleasure to recommend BB, both as a speaker, writer and television host, and also as the owner of Carl House, the premier gathering place for weddings and events in North Georgia. She is a unique and special entrepreneur, and a savvy business woman in every sense. I highly recommend BB!”  Andrew Schutt, Partner Arnall Golden Gregory LLP

“The Carl House is a magnificent achievement, typical of BB Webb’s abilities. I became familiar with BB when she graciously let the Wedding Television Network make it the center for several of its pilot television shows!”  Tim Ulmer, Television Producer

“BB was a superb, energetic, and courteous host who made my experience at the Carl House an enjoyable one!   She took the time to greet us personally and to give us individual attention. Her staff displayed all the signs of a well-trained team…personable, polite, and gracious– a great reflection of the type of top-notch business woman that she is. If you appreciate professional yet charismatic individuals, I would highly recommend you to work with BB in any one of her multi-faceted capacities.”  Bora Choi, Carl House guest

 ”BB is a breath of fresh air! She positively influences every person she meets through her bubbly personality, her passion and enthusiasm for each of her business endeavors and her encouraging, successful and winning spirit.” Carol Donovan, Sales & Marketing Coordinator, Road Atlanta

“It’s Just Weather’ was a lightning bolt of clarity that empowered me to make my own forecast in life. BB Webb’s insightful words reignited my passions for living, giving and learning. After 20+ years of presenting a demanding curriculum to drug and alcohol offenders, my style of delivery was dramatically changed by the wisdom and motivation obtained from her inspiring presentation.” Laura Lee White, Prevention Research Institute, Inc.
Atlanta, GA

“One of my true role models is BB Webb…I have never met such a vivacious, dynamic entrepreneur whose vision knows no limitations. If I were asked to name one person who expresses Life lived to the maximum, it would be my heroine, BB Webb.”   Reverend Rick Prigmore, Author of ‘The Joy of Living’, Wedding Officiant


What People Are Saying about BB and her book: Build Your Business: BB Webb’sNotes From the Highwire!”

“BB has the unique ability to turn vision into reality and obstacles into opportunity. While most of us only dream of success, BB succeeds in her dreams. We all need the kind of courage BB has to take that next step. Truly one of the most dynamic women I have ever known; we can all learn a lot from BB.” Chauffeured Services Transportation

“BB Webb is an entrepreneurial force of nature who knows what it takes to make things happen. No matter what season your business is in, this practical and engaging book will equip and encourage you.” Ken Coleman, Author of One Question: Life Changing Answers From Today’s Leading Voices

“If I were to characterize BB Webb, I’d say she was a colorful hot air balloon able to float and fly upside down.  That’s what she does, takes the impossible, makes it possible and then helps everyone else learn how.  Read her book.  Spend time with her.  You’ll be glad you did!” Laura Whitmore, Private Investor

“Be encouraged to continue beyond Ms. Webb’s first few business basic chapters as she moves swiftly into real life business challenges with a heartfelt and raw honesty.  A captivating read, her stories expose the grief, astonishment, savvy and brawn that move her into hard won successes. A gifted storyteller, BB demonstrates how becoming an entrepreneur can turn your life ‘right side up’, providing both personal growth and life lessons beyond your wildest business dreams and imagination!” April Wood Reeve, CEO Vivify Publications

“In her new book, Build Your Business: BB Webb’s “Notes from the High Wire!”, BB shares her experience so that we can each learn, hopefully with less risk and less pain. This book is a must read for all the business owners and leaders I coach and every business and executive coach I train. Thank You BB, for sharing your experience with us all.” Lee Huffman Author, Speaker, Business Coach and CEO Professional Development USA, LLC

“BB Webb is a passionate writer and powerful storyteller. Not only does she share her own tales of hope and disappointment, survival and success as an entrepreneur with her readers; she does so in a language that’s gripping and colorful, entertaining and witty, no-nonsense and often, disarmingly funny – just like the real-life BB Webb.” Katja Ridderbusch, International Journalist

“BB Webb’s new book gives insightful, real-world business experience advice and speaks truth in lessons learned. Whether you are about to take flight with starting your own business, have been running a business for years, or just want a gosh darn good read, BB’s sage advice mixed with a touch of humor is sure to add to one’s personal and professional growth.” Marilee Davis, President Davis & Associates Public Relations/Marketing

“In her book, Build Your Business: BB Webb’s “Notes From The Highwire!”, BB tells it like it is. She’s conversational, no-nonsense, and straightforward. Anyone who’s started a new business will find themselves nodding in agreement. Those just starting off in business will appreciate the honest heads up. BB, where were you when I was starting my business?” David Krash, CEO Cotton Cravings Organic Confections