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“If I were to characterize BB Webb, I’d say she was a colorful hot air balloon able to float and fly upside down.  That’s what she does, takes the impossible, makes it possible and then helps everyone else learn how. Read her book. Spend time with her. You’ll be glad you did!”

Laura Whitmore • Private Investor


Artist turned entrepreneur, BB Webb knows the stressors of moving past the exciting conception of an idea or business to the reality of moving forward, developing, managing and growing one.  As founder of award winning Carl House, which she opened in 2003 and successfully sold in 2017, BB moved through the stressors of a shifting economy and financial challenge to muscle through divorce and business hardships that would shake anyone to their knees.

Adversity Rocks | Arriving with BB Webb
BB Webb | Why BB | Arriving with BB Webb


Over the years she worked through the challenges of hiring the right people to effectively developing a savvy and synergistic team.  She moved past impossibly difficult banking hardships, understanding governmental and HR policy twists and turns, all while working to develop and keep her business open, employees and clients happy.  Over the years both she and her business have won a plethora of honors and awards as she built a ‘one-of-a-kind’ and ‘best practice’ brand!


In 2014 BB wrote her book, ‘Build Your Business: BB Webb’s ‘Notes From the Highwire” sharing advice to other business owners and leaders on how she successfully moved through challenge and adversity to develop one of the most popular and revered event venues in the Southeast. BB speaks and coaches leaders and teams nationally on how to successfully build business.

“BB Webb’s new book gives insightful, real-world business experience advice and speaks truth in lessons learned. Whether you are about to take flight with starting your own business, have been running a business for years, or just want a gosh darn good read, BB’s sage advice mixed with a touch of humor is sure to add to one’s personal and professional growth.”

Marilee Davis • President, Davis & Associates Public Relations/Marketing


BB Webb magazine | Arriving with BB Webb


After selling Carl House BB made a bold move to the west, in Bozeman, Montana, a thriving and eclectic hub for her coaching, training and speaking work.  She was asked to join the faculty at the Jake Jabs Business College at Montana State University and is on the Board of Advisors with the Montana Women’s Business Center.  

Eager to support other established and growing organizations and divisions within larger companies, BB’s next life chapter is focused on sharing her hard lessons learned with organizations on the grow!   

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