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Our Ambassador of Enlightenment – Tiny Tips of Canine Enlightenment

2017-07-19T08:11:34+00:00 By |Business, Compassion, Friends, Fun, Gratitude, Heart, LIfe, Play, Reflection|

Ambassador of Enlightenment! Why might the perspective of my pup, Buddy, hold value to those of us in business?  As the former 'Director of First Impressions' has proven, no one was a fonder greeter of our guests at my former business, Carl House.  With presence, enthusiasm and attention to our customers, he helped our [...]

Starting with the End in Mind!

2017-07-19T20:58:57+00:00 By |Business, Change, People I Admire|

Tips for Planning the Successful Sale of Your Business. To many entrepreneur-minded folks, starting a business holds an immeasurable allure!  The typical tract starts like any new romance, with spark and dazzle.  We soon encounter the challenges of growing business, running daily operations and the work it takes to focus more on strategy and less [...]

Questions to Ask As You Consider Your Next Entrepreneurial Endeavor

2017-07-18T07:14:38+00:00 By |BB's Video Blogs, Featured|

What 14 Years Running Carl House Has Taught Me (and other entrepreneurial musings) Having just this month handled over my business to the able hands of new owners, I find myself reflecting on new entrepreneurial endeavors and consider the heart of what makes a true entrepreneur.   We (nearly all) embark upon our business dreams out of a [...]

Necessary Losses

2017-06-26T08:42:59+00:00 By |BB's Video Blogs|

BB explores the importance of the losses in our lives, of people, times gone by, projects that never came to fruition, as the necessary losses helping us to grow into the people we are. Music: Chopin's Minute Waltz played by Sean VanMeter (find him on YouTube) http://

Finding Home

2015-07-01T13:24:34+00:00 By |BB's Video Blogs|

BB shares thoughts on the importance of creating a sanctuary for yourself, a ‘home’, whether you are traveling, at home, or inside yourself. Music: Chopin's Minute Waltz played by Sean VanMeter (find him on YouTube)

The Benefits of Loss

2015-06-25T14:32:48+00:00 By |Challenge, Change, Compassion, Expansion, Friends, Gratitude, Heart, LIfe, People I Admire, Reflection, Relationships, Spirituality|

Loss is a tricky thing.  We don’t like it.  We like to have what we have and consider that it’ll never go away…the good things that is…people we love, ‘stuff’ we’ve accumulated, great moods that come our way…. being in shape, having the attentions we crave, perfect hair days! My former husband, Tommy Webb, passed [...]

Being Intentional in Your Life.

2015-06-08T13:34:35+00:00 By |BB's Video Blogs|

BB shares the importance of being intentional in your life, stating what you want boldly and clearly, as if what you want has already arrived! She encourages expressing gratitude before the fact and to maintaining clarity of your intention even when everything around you looks and feels the opposite.