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BB’s key goal is to identify with you what your team needs to hear.  She’ll next design the right talk to both inspire your team/group and give them actionable tools to successfully grow your organization!  With enthusiasm, smarts and her distinctive and entertaining brand, BB’s talks are designed to create a roadmap for moving your company objectives forward while inspiring your team to action!

Speaker | Speaking | Arriving with BB Webb

“You were absolutely everything anyone could want- informative, entertaining, and energizing. Our members were very pleased not only with the range of your knowledge but also with your enthusiasm.  You have a distinctive way, too, of making your presentation so personal that each of us feels we have a very special new friend.  With sincere appreciation.”

Sally Lorensen Conant • Ph.D., Executive Director, Association of Wedding Gown Specialists


Below are a variety of BB’s current talks which she is happy to customize to fit your group’s needs.  She can create the right follow-up training for your group as well or one-on-one coaching for top managers or leaders in your organization.

Build Your Brand. Win the Client. Grow Your Business!


Learn how a brand is much more than your website or the business cards you hand out! Brand permeates all you do in your business and gets prospects to see you as the only one who understands their vision. Discover how a good brand connects to prospects emotionally, confirms your credibility, and motivates them to buy.

BB Webb Speaks | Arriving with BB Webb

Key Talking Points Include:

  • Learn How to Leverage Your Brand through the Way You Dress, Speak and Act.
  • Discover How Developing a Clear Vision and Value Statements Can Win the Client
  • Explore How the Way You do ANYTHING is the Way You do EVERYTHING
  • Develop Tools You Already Have to Win the Client

“Your talk, It’s Just Weather’ was a lightning bolt of clarity that empowered me to make my own forecast in life. BB Webb’s insightful words reignited my passions for living, giving and learning. After 20+ years of presenting a demanding curriculum to drug and alcohol offenders, my style of delivery was dramatically changed by the wisdom and motivation obtained from her inspiring presentation.”  

Laura Lee White • Prevention Research Institute, Inc.

Adversity Rocks! Leveraging Your Challenges & Going for the Win!


BB Webb speaks candidly about what we all too often are afraid to say or admit: business challenges can shake you to your knees! With her own stories of upset and fear, BB helps us explore how the most adverse events can be teachers to our greatest wins and discoveries about our unique capabilities. She coaxes us to use adversity to discover our hidden capabilities, resilience and strengths.

Why BB | Arriving with BB Webb

Key Talking Points Include:

  • Discover How Embracing Your Fears Leads to Personal Excellence
  • Learn Tools on How to ‘Move Forward ‘As If’’ You Will be Successful!
  • Discover the Importance of Nurturing Your Relationships
  • Explore a Roadmap for Personal and Professional Growth and Success
  • Learn the Irrefutable Importance of Gratitude and Appreciation!

“BB, thank you so much for speaking today at Women in Business…  Hearing you speak so freely about what were difficult points in your life is uplifting and challenging all at the same time.  I admire you!” 

Annette K. Bates • Executive Director, Piedmont CASA

Got Change? Resistance as Your Catalyst for Positive Change


Entrepreneur and author, BB Webb lights up the room with her inspiring and thought provoking talk on change. With her distinctive brand of sincerity and humor she shares her own personal stories on the topic regarding her own resistance and eventual allowing for change and the benefits it allowed. Her talk touches on the importance of healthy choices emotionally, physically and spiritually in life and how being pushed to the ‘edge’ personally and in business gave her a new perspective on her own healthy living.

Got Change | Arriving with BB Webb
bb-red-brick-talk | Arriving with BB Webb

Key Talking Points Include:

  • Discover Signs That Your Resistance is Holding You Back
  • Determine What a Work/Life Balance Means to You
  • Explore How Adversity Can Strengthen Your Resolve
  • Learn the Health Benefits of Living the Life Meant for You!

Today’s Customer Service: The Difference YOU Make!
Developing Your Brand to Win the Client and Grow Business!


We have all experienced disappointing customer service. Properly aligned customer service assists prospects and customers in seeing both your company and YOU as the only one who understands what they need, connecting to your customers emotionally, aligning with their needs. Great customer service confirms your credibility, aligns with your company vision and both motivates prospects to buy while transforming current customers into raving fans! In her talk, BB will work with your team to assist in how to best align with what an owner needs with regard to expected alignment with his or her organizational goals and how to do it through the way you speak, dress, manage conflict, establish systems, policies and protocols all while aligning with your company culture.

Today's Customer Service | Arriving with BB Webb
Training | Arriving with BB Webb

Key Talking Points Include:

  • Experience the Difference Between Good and Bad Customer Service
  • Discover Your Company Brand and How it Impacts YOUR Service to the Customer
  • Learn to Embrace Your Company Culture
  • Understand How to Differentiate Your Company from Your Competition
  • Differentiate when ‘in person’ wins over technology or a phone call!

“BB Webb…A Woman You Must Meet…her dynamic personality and spirit for life is both engaging and addicting. If you have not heard her speak, that is a shame. Put it on your “To Do” list, “Bucket” list, whatever…just do it!!”

Kim Butler • Account Executive
, Cooper-Atlanta Transportation

Build Your Business. Find Your Twirl!


Being an entrepreneur is easier said than done and in a challenged economy, all the more tenuous. BB Webb shares colorful stories and lessons learned to help guide business owners and their employees into creating successful, profitable enterprises that can prosper far into the future! For both the seasoned and budding entrepreneur BB will explore new possibilities, empowered direction and useful takeaways to help you grow your business.

Planning Your Success | Arriving with BB Webb
6 Ways to Build Your Business | Arriving with BB Webb

Key Talking Points Include:

  • Learn How to Mine Your Assets and Rise Above the Rabble!
  • Discover the REAL Importance of Surrounding Yourself with the RIGHT People
  • Understand (CLEARLY) How Cash is STILL King!
  • Learn to More Easily Navigate the ‘Hard Stuff’
  • Explore Hot to Play to Your Passion and ‘Find Your Twirl!’

“BB tells it like it is. She’s conversational, no-nonsense, and straightforward. Anyone who’s started a new business will find themselves nodding in agreement. Those just starting off in business will appreciate the honest heads up. BB, where were you when I was starting my business?”

David Krash • CEO, Cotton Cravings Organic Confections

Leveraging Your Brand For Success


No matter what your business specialty, you need to be dialed into the competitive landscape. Knowing what others in your market are doing, writing about, and promoting can be a key to your success. Do you ever wonder what works for your competitors and what might work better for your company?

Leveraging Brand for Success | Arriving with BB Webb
Testimonies | Arriving with BB Webb

Key Talking Points Include:

  • What Your Competitors’ and Clients are Saying About You?
  • Leverage Your Relationship with Competitors to Grow Business
  • How to Differentiate Your Brand and Establish Yourself as the Expert in Your Industry
  • The Way You Do Anything is The Way You do Everything, Top to Bottom Branding

Bringing Professionalism and Courtesy Back to the Workplace


With a national culture turned casual through both social media and the media in general, it’s easy to lose sight of what BB calls, ‘professional decorum’. Whether you’re a name brand insurance company, an auto shop or a 5 star hotel, courtesy and professionalism are demonstrated ‘top down’ in an organization. With BB’s characteristic style and wit, be prepared to walk away with a new look at both your personal and professional brand!

Bringing Professionalism and Courtesy Back to the Workplace | Arriving with BB Webb
audience2 | Arriving with BB Webb

Key Talking Points Include:

  • Learn What ‘Casual Friday’ Doesn’t Mean
  • Create a Culture That Supports Your Vision
  • Discover How to Succeed Creating Clear Policies around ‘What You Expect!’
  • Learn How to Let Your Customers, Employees and Boss Know You Care?
  • Develop and Excel at Sharing Your Personal and Professional Brand

Building Your Career, The Power of Intention


Building a career takes more than going to the ‘right school’, but a clear intention, a network of professionals and colleagues to keep you moving in the right direction and the ability to get ‘up’ when you fall ‘down’. BB Webb visits with young professionals sharing stories of her journey from struggling actress/playwright to seasoned, award winning entrepreneur. With colorful stories and lessons learned, BB shares how success is an attitude and a journey as she guides young professionals in the direction of their professional and personal dreams.

Key Talking Points Include:

  • Discover the Power of Intention and ‘The Best Laid Plans’
  • Explore How to Mine Your Assets and Move Beyond Status Quo’!
  • Learn How to Surround Yourself with The RIGHT People
  • Consider How to More Easily Navigate the ‘Hard Stuff’

“The first time I saw BB speak, I was so inspired that I asked her to speak at the Judson Women’s Leadership Workshop for young professionals.  She did a fantastic job at the workshop and provided motivation for the audience to go out and take the next step in their career.” 

Jackie Cannizzo • Executive Director, JCI Foundation

Planning Your Success!


BB Webb continues her message of a self-empowered, professional focus as she shares stories of entrepreneurial near disaster and her inspired solutions to rise above the fray. With both laughter and tears she’ll send you away with perspectives on how to muscle through the tough times and have you working on an action plan that will create greater abundance and focus on the possibilities available to you!

Build Your Business - Find Your Twirl | Arriving with BB Webb

Key Talking Points Include:

  • Discover How to Start from ‘Where You Are!’
  • Learn the Importance of Relationships. Business IS Personal!
  • Ask: ‘If It COULD Work, What Would It Look Like?’
  • Consider Who Do You Need to ‘Fire’ From Your Life?
  • Create Your Roadmap for Change and Support Along the Way

Bring BB in to speak about a particular topic, or inquire about her customized coaching or trainings!

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